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Kathleen Shaputis

Kathleen Shaputis is the author of five books, numerous ghostwritten books and a variety of articles. In her spare time she teaches classes on writing and book printing at local community colleges and writers conferences along the west coast.

Her published works include: Grandma Online: A Grandmother’s Guide to the Internet (Ten Speed Press, 2001) a humorous reference guide of over six hundred web sites related to the joys and concerns of grandmothers and fairy grandmothers the world over.

The Crowded Nest Syndrome (CF Publishing, 2004) is a creative non-fiction look at the return of adult children. Kathleen is well experienced in the headline lifestyles of the baby boomer generation; her own life mimics a soap opera of catch phrases and hot topics.  She is currently a post-parental adult housing both boomerang children and grandchildren.

Changes in Attitude (CF Publishing, 2005) is a romantic comedy set in southern California touting a slice of life of three friends when one makes a sudden right-turn down the maternal highway. Allie wants a father with a PH factor, Parrot Head factor.
The third edition of 50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family (Career Press, February 2006) was a work-for-hire endeavor.

Sorry, You Can’t Enter Heaven (iUniverse, 2008) is a dramedy about one woman’s adventures when she finds she’s barred from Heaven for having cosmetic surgery and altering her destiny. It’s a story of empowerment and the choices people make in life.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, Kathleen enjoys multi-tasking between work and writing, while cheering her grandsons during Little League games or youth football. Her husband, Bob, helps keep her on track.

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